Why Choose Us


Our event is designed to meet your specific needs. 

A Customized Experience

Get a customized interface and LED colors to perfectly blend in with your environment.

Backdrops to Perfectly Match Your Theme

Our backdrops make your photo booth the centerpiece of the event while naturally blending in with your decor.

Instant Photos

Give a personalized keepsake for everyone to take home and cherish for years.


Hilarious moments that play forward and backward and forward and backward and — well, you get the idea.

Animated GIFs

We take a few photos and smash them together for a fun way to capture a series of moments.

Guests Get Their Captures Immediately

Guests can instantly get their captures so they can start sharing the fun on social media.

Customized Texts

Craft a unique message when the booth sends guests a text message with a link to their capture

Customized Emails

Add a special message and call-to-action button to your emails when shared

Instant Online Album

Every capture is immediately uploaded to a Live Gallery where you can instantly relive the memories from your event. A custom call-to-action button also drives traffic to your location of choice.